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Hi, I'm Sabine. 

I am an artist, strategist, and storyteller.​

I support growing brands to tell authentic stories,
tackle creative goals, and bring inspired visions to life
through comprehensive storytelling anchored in
marketing, strategy, and design. Every creative campaign
is developed with intentionality and excellence.

What I do



Cover Art 


Journal Layout
Marketing Collateral


Social Content
Email Marketing


Campaign Development
Brand Architecture

What Clients Say

"[Sabine] has been nothing short of amazing and provided such a tremendous amount of value to my company. Over the past 6 months or so she has helped me redefine my branding and marketing strategy for RVL and also helped prepare our marketing relaunch plan.
She even designed artwork for some of our puzzles."

Brittny H.

Founder, RVL Wellness

"Working with Sabine was an amazing experience! She really took the time to understand my goals and came up with a strategy that exceeded my expectations. Her innovative approach and deep understanding of our business and customers truly impressed me. Sabine's expertise in marketing and growth strategies was evident throughout our collaboration, from planning brand partnerships to hosting events. Her talent, dedication, and attention to detail were instrumental in successfully scaling our business

Ashley H. 

Founder, Mela Vitamins

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In collaboration with brands
and team across industries:

What's in the Shop?.

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featuring original illustrations. Go ahead, fill your world with #BlackGirlArt!

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