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Always On Partnership

Black Owned Brands 

In partnership, we showcased the excellence and quality of these products while honoring the evolution of Black beauty brands. This campaign built on the discussion of Sephora’s efforts in creating networks and a community with Black female founders and dove into the importance of industry visibility and the ripple effect felt by founders, consumers and the Black community as a whole.


This series showcases trusted hair care experts and their advice for taking the hair game to the next level – scalp care! 21Ninety audience discovered tips and products that tackle all their scalp concerns from thinning hair & product build-up to soothing an irritated scalp. 


This elevated moment demonstrated how Sephora was choosing to celebrate Black hair all day, err day.


We collaborated with community influencers to discuss the unique hair and beauty needs of Black women. From powerful narratives to expert advice, these pieces highlighted Sephora's efforts in providing diverse products and retail experiences for all their customers. 

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